Sunday, July 02, 2006

White Swan July 2nd

Today we did some more sightseeing. We visited a Buddhist Temple, an art museum, and a jade store. It was hot again today but we rented a stroller for Sydney, so it was much more comfortable for all of us. Thankfully, she loves to ride around in her stroller! I think we are done sightseeing for this trip. China is a beautiful country, but we are ready to be home. There is a dinner cruise on the Pearl River this evening, but we'll wait until we get back to Strawberry Lake before we go on our first pontoon ride.

We didn't make it to the pool yesterday, but should have time today after Sydney's nap to check it out. We'll have to be careful to keep her ear out of the water as she is still recovering from an ear infection.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Donny, Tina, Alycia, and Sydney,

We just finished reading all of the blog info. you've put in the site and pouring over the pictures. Veronica kept making us go back to look at the pictures more closely. Sydney looks so cute with all of you - like it was meant to be. We can't wait to meet her.

We spent the day at Str. Lake with Gr. and Gr., Wendy and her kids, and her dad, Russell. It was a beautiful day. Spent time on the pontoon, kids tubed/kneeboarded, and we used Wendy's two jet skis. Nathan and Shelby got grounded from the jet skis! Imagine that!

Your house is still standing and the cats are still there - at least they were yesterday (Saturday). We will have everything cleaned for you on Wednesday so it will be ready for you on Thursday. Is that still the plan?

We spent the last few days insulating the house in upper 80 and lower 90 degree heat! I can't wait until we're done with that part. They should be ready to sheetrock towards the end of the week.

Take care. We can't wait to see all of you.
Deb, Rich, Nathan and Veronica

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see some "new" news and pictures of Sydney and big sister and all of you for that matter. We were out to the farm yesterday as Clayton and daughter Carrie were here and Trudy and Arlie invited us out for supper. Trudy told me there was new stuff on as I wanted to see new pictures of S. Hope to see all of you this summer: sounds like she is fitting in great. Don't mind a little temper: it is probably to protect herself and get a little breathing room alone as I am sure she senses you are all so "in love" with her and concerned about her. After so little one on one, it may get overwhelming to be loved so much. She looks darling and hey! how about that volleyball star. Dolores and Bud

3:15 PM  

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