Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Our first 24 hours


Our first afternoon with Sydney went well. After we brought her back to the hotel, she took a long nap and didn’t want to wake up! She cried twice yesterday. Once when she woke up from her nap and had all of these strange people around her again and once when I tried to break her cracker in half so she could eat it easier. Alycia saved the day and gave her sister a new cracker, which immediately stopped the tears. Donny and Alycia went down to the hotel restaurant last night and brought food back to the room for Sydney. She loves to eat but we’re never sure when she’s full! She doesn’t really give any signal that we can read. Sydney really has transitioned well so far and was getting very silly with us in the hotel room last night. Alycia and I (Tina) gave her a bath and she LOVED being in the tub with her squirt toys! She looked like a little prune when she finally got out. She will still be a little feisty at times but she seems to be getting better at reading our signals that hitting or throwing too hard is not o.k. She also started pointing to things and said her first English word “bird” while she was out for a walk last night. I have been room bound since yesterday, with the exception of our official meetings today. I’m feeling better this evening but it’s been a miserable two days. There’s nothing worse than being sick and not being home!

We weren’t sure how Sydney’s first night would go but she went to bed between 8:30 and 9:00 and slept through the night. Between her grinding her teeth, the car alarm going off twice, and the noise in the hotel, we ended up not getting much sleep. I have never heard anyone grind their teeth as bad as she does! I am hoping that it gets better once she continues to relax more with us or that we learn to sleep through it. So far she seems to like eating, sleeping, baths, being outside, and sitting with her dad the best. She was wearing underwear when we got her and did fine yesterday and so far today. She doesn’t ask to use the bathroom but goes when I sit her on the toilet. We put her in a pull-up last night and were glad that we did because it was wet this morning. However, she is used to being awake at 6:30 and I think we woke her up around 8:00 this morning. She fights waking up!

Health-wise, she still seems fine. She was picking at her ear last night and a little bit again today. She still has a loose cough once in a while. We don’t see the doctor until we get to Guangzhou. All of the families that are with us here are anxious to leave for Guangzhou. The hotel rooms are small here and the food is not very good. I guess if I had to be sick somewhere along the way, I picked the right place….I’m not missing any great meals!

We had a couple of official stops this morning to start the process for Sydney’s passport and receive our official adoption agreement. Then we went to a store and bought her some new shoes (her old ones stink!) and a few outfits. They didn’t have much to choose from for clothes, so we grabbed a few things and we’ll see if they fit. If they don’t and if I feel better tomorrow, there’s a little shop down the block that sells kids clothes for around $6 an outfit. We have the next two days free while we wait for them to process her passport. We are going to try to tour a temple tomorrow; the following day they will take us on a boat tour around West Lake. We are not able to view the blog or any comments that are posted.


Anonymous Cheri said...

Sydney likes to sleep? Again, sounds like your going to be raising another version of your little sister!! -Cheri

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