Tuesday, May 16, 2006


There was a nice surprise in my e-mail yesterday.....new pictures! The grandparents of one of the adoptive moms on my Yahoo group, who live in Wenzhou, visited the orphanage again and took these pictures. We're not sure what the marks are on her face and hands but they look like bug bites or something that must itch. Alycia looked at the pictures last night and wanted them to stop cutting off all of Sydney's hair! She still took one of the pictures to school today but I'm certain that she will veto any haircuts for her sister for the foreseeable future! Sydney looks smaller than she did in her other photos, since she isn't bundled in multiple layers. I think I might have to bring a couple of 2T outfits along just in case. The other outfits that Alycia and I bought her are all 3T.

Still no news on travel but I sent our visa applications and passports to a courier in Chicago today to deliver to the Chinese Consulate Office. They cannot be mailed anymore and need to be hand delivered. With any luck, they will return to us by the end of next week. I'm sure I'll hold my breath until they come back! It would be devastating to have to wait for new passports and visas if anything happens to them.

We (meaning Tina) have started to organize documents and things to pack for China. We (meaning Donny too this time) have completed some errands and we (meaning Donny) will hopefully finish some projects at home this weekend, while Alycia and I travel to Devils Lake for a belated Mother's Day.

Still waiting to kiss up those cheeks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted you to know we (Mia and Cooper and I) have sure been thinking of you and hope you get travel news soon. So exciting to see the pics... Don't worry Alycia the hair will grow!

12:41 AM  

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