Friday, May 05, 2006

The Wenzhou Children's Welfare Institute

Ni Hao!
Some of you have asked what it's like at the Wenzhou CWI. The only information that we have is from other families who have adopted children and have visited the orphanage. We know that the CWI is located in the Zhejiang Province in China (dust off that globe!). Other adoptive families have mentioned that their children have been well cared for and that the staff seem to really enjoy receiving updates on the children who have left them for their forever families. One family also commented on how the children seemed to enjoy seeing the director of the CWI when she was around the children. The director has been open to allowing the grandparents (who live in Wenzhou) of one of their adopted children several visits to meet with her and take photographs of the other waiting children. Their daughter (adoptive mom) is a member of one of my Yahoo groups. Her parents are going to ask to visit the orphanage in a week or so and if the director approves (keep your fingers crossed), they will take some new pictures of Sydney.

We have also heard from other families that there can be around 200-300 children of various ages in the CWI. Wenzhou apparently houses many children with special needs but also has non-special needs children. The top three pictures are from inside the CWI. The bottom two pictures were taken outside at the entrance to the building.

We're glad that Sydney seems to be in a place that cares about her health and is doing the best that they can to take care of her needs. We are still preparing ourselves for the worst and are praying for the best.

Thanks for continuing to support us :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm french and I adopted, 4 years ago a little girl, Garance, from Wenzhou.
This is the first time I see photos from the welfare institute, this is a very special moment. Thank you for it. If. If you know other blogs or adress to see pictures from the Welfare institute, I'll be glad to have them

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband and I adopted a 3-year-old girl from Wenzhou. I believe she is in the two top photos taken at the orphanage.

8:09 PM  

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