Friday, June 23, 2006

Forbidden City

Ni Hao-

It’s Friday night about 6:00 and we’re just lounging in the hotel. We are waiting to get hungry enough to walk down the street to try our first Peking Duck for dinner. We are also going to try to find the street vendors tonight. They sell all kinds of foods from their stands….our guide Peter told us to look but don’t eat anything! We tried to find them last night but we didn’t walk far enough.

Another CHSFS family joined us today (Cheryl & Steve and their 8 year old Sarah) for our sightseeing trip to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. I have e-mailed them several times and talked to Cheryl on the phone once. Their youngest daughter is also named Sydney, so we’ve already started the “your Sydney” and “our Sydney” discussions. They are from Indianapolis and this will be their third adoption from China. I think they are going to come with us tonight to eat some duck. Peter told us that another family will arrive tonight and will come with us to tour The Great Wall tomorrow. That will be our longest day of touring, as we will also eat lunch and do some shopping in the afternoon.

As far as the sightseeing, today was hot and more humid than yesterday. The Forbidden City was fun to see and is so much larger than I imagined it would be. We (Donny) took lots of video footage and pictures. We also broke down and drank an iced Starbucks halfway through the tour, so if I weren’t bringing back a good bargaining chip for my sister (her new niece), she may contemplate never speaking to me again! Hey, I think we all sweated off about 5 pounds apiece, we were desperate! We had lunch at our hotel’s French Restaurant and the food was very good! We’ve found some really great, inexpensive food.

The jetlag is much better today. Alycia and I didn’t need a nap today (let’s see…that leaves who that slept for 45 minutes??) and I think we’re just lazy from the heat. We’re all still healthy and I’m hoping that my throat irritation is just from the smog….it’s very heavy in Beijing.

We are getting very impatient to get to Sydney at this point! We have our plane tickets in hand to fly to her province. One more day of touring and we’re off to Hangzhou!!!


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