Friday, June 30, 2006

1st Day in Guangzhou

Snack time

Last night was a little rough for all of us. Sydney was not her usual self when we went for a walk to the lake last night and was pretty miserable. We found out a little later that she had diarrhea. We were worried about the flight today to Guangzhou with her ear infection and diarrhea combination. To top that off, she has developed some aversion to public restrooms and refuses to use the toilets. We tried some Children’s Imodium last night but that didn’t seem to help. This morning her temp. was over 104, so we have been pushing Tylenol. She actually did really well on the flight and only complained when we were landing. No other major blowouts either...she held it until we got to the hotel room! Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn!!! She is pretty stressed again and was grinding her teeth in the airport while we were waiting for our luggage.

But we all made it to the White Swan Hotel in one piece! It feels good to be in a new location with a wide variety of restaurants and places to go that are very close to the hotel. The hotel rooms are very nice but are still fairly small. Donny just went downstairs to meet one of our guides to find the grocery store and some places to eat. We ordered delivery pizza and spaghetti for supper for us but we will try some of the local food tomorrow. We are going to go look around the hotel to see what the pool looks like…Alycia and Donny are ready to swim; we’ll try Sydney in the pool but will have to be careful with her ear. We are finally able to see our blog using this hotel’s internet access and noticed how few pictures we’ve posted. The pictures posted above were taken in our hotel room in Guangzhou. We will add more pictures soon!


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