Monday, July 31, 2006

THE Appointment

We had Sydney's BIG appointment with her pediatric cardiologist (Dr. Rios)on Friday. He is a fantastic doctor and we immediately felt at ease that Sydney was in his care. Dr. Rios conducted a brief exam and sent us to have her ultrasound. I was a bundle of nerves and the procedure seemed to take forever! Sydney did very well during the eternal ultrasound. Donny helped hold Sydney in place and I kept her busy eating Yogos (Yogurt to go) and fruit snacks. The end result was that everything looks good and Dr. Rios will continue to see Sydney for yearly check-ups.

Sydney was very happy to have her big sister return home on Sunday too. Sydney seems to speak more English with her sister than she does with us. I heard several new words pop out of her mouth while those two were talking. We're very glad to have Alycia back home too....she was gone for too long! How will I handle this when she really leaves the nest in a few years??!! Denial, denial, denial....

We also took Sydney to meet her Auntie Jo, Alex, Bob, Spike, and Baby. She caught a glimpse of Spike but Baby was MIA and did not get to meet Sydney (I'm sure Baby is eternally grateful for this as she will not require therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!). Sydney was not too sure about Jo's dog Alex. She did much better and dared to venture onto the floor as long as Alex maintained the required distance. Otherwise, Sydney mainly hung out between Donny's lap or Alycia's lap UNTIL.....Jo offered us a snack! Suddenly the Snickers bar and pop were worth the risk of having to sit on a kitchen stool alone with Alex at her feet waiting for something to hit the floor. Too bad for Alex.....Sydney made sure she devoured every last crumb! Sydney definitely liked Jo and Bob, so we'll have to visit again soon. I think Alex will win her over in the end too.

We hope everyone is doing well and have enjoyed spending time with friends, neighbors, and family as they stop by to meet Sydney. Come and see us soon!


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